Labor Day Weekend 2018 Brisket Reveal

Sliced Brisket

Today is my recovery day.  I always want a day to mellow out after spending 15 to 20 hours fretting over briskets in my smoker.  My friends stopped by to pick up their briskets and I watched Youtube videos on how to build a rolling workbench. I am pleased with this batch of briskets.  I am…

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Brisket number 10 finally done

I pulled the last brisket out of the smoker at 03:30 on Sunday.  That is an 18-hour brisket.  The bulk of the 10 briskets were done at 195 degrees between 01:30 and 02:30.  I am calling this one at 192 degrees because I am tired and the smoker firebox is filling up with ash.  I just…

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Preparing the brisket for Labor Day BBQ

Getting the briskets ready I took some pictures of my process for putting the rub on my briskets. I’m going to barbecue 10 briskets in my smoker. I’m doing a dry rub that consists of kosher salt black pepper and garlic. It is a simple rib but the beef flavor is going to come through…

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